Ways to build a roof garden 116

The type of roof landscaping is of two types – extensive and intensive. The method of extensive landscaping is valued because it is simple and is used mainly for garages, terraces, gazebos, industrial plants and businesses where there is no access and presence of people. ландшафтен ограничител за трева

In this type of roof landscaping, mainly ground cover, low-stemmed species of vegetation and grasses are used.

Different types of succulents and those that tolerate drought are used due to the fact that in this type of landscaping irrigation occurs only naturally. In the case of roofs with a minimum slope, a drainage system must be made.

The allowable slope of the roof is 28 degrees. The soil substrate is light (peat, perlite, zeolite, etc.) and has a small thickness of up to 15 centimeters. A root-repellent geotextile layer is applied underneath.

A waterproofing layer is applied at the bottom.

The drainage layer is separated from the soil substrate by geoplate or geotextile, in order not to mix the soil with the drainage and to prevent its clogging.

An interesting roof gardenVegetation should be very well selected to ensure maximum decorative period.

The other type of exterior roof landscaping is intensive, with which you can now enjoy the vegetation up close and achieve a complete vacation.

With this type of landscaping it is necessary for the roof structure to have great stability in order to create a beautiful and complete environment for rest and enjoyment.

Depending on the durability of the roof structure, various facilities, alleys, benches, gazebos, fountains, pergolas, decorative ponds, tile paths and many others can be made and installed to turn your roof into a wonderful and cozy place for fun, relaxation and enjoyment.

In this type of Sympathetic garden of a roof terrace, a much more variety can be used as vegetation, plants with up to 2 – 4 meters in height can be planted, but they must be consistent and very well selected, because they require greater root retention. layer of soil (approximately 1.5 meters).

Plants and weight should be well aligned and balanced throughout the roof structure, heavier spaces are located on the supporting columns.

The drainage layer is at least 30 centimeters. For the optimal development of the plants, as far as possible, automated irrigation systems are developed, through which the maintenance of gardens of this type reduces the effort.

Roof landscaping is preferred to landscaping a yard, especially in heavily urbanized areas. паркинг решетъчни тела

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