How to use Chlorophytum comosum. What care is taken of him? 102

Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum comosum) Chlorophytum is a wonderful plant that is valued and is ideal for indoor conditions. In the summer it can be taken out in the garden on the balcony, and in the winter months you can grow it in a heated greenhouse made of Israeli polyethylene for greenhouses.

His origin is from South America, which explains his requirements for the conditions in which he will live.

Chlorophytum is not a very tall plant, it is even low, it reaches a height of 20 – 40 cm, and the tuft of leaves reaches 15 – 25 cm.

It is not very demanding to light, its only requirement is to be in a sunny place in winter and in partial shade on hot summer days.

Its temperature requirements are not to be subjected to very high temperatures. For winter conditions it grows well at temperatures between 10 – 15 degrees, and for the summer season favorable temperatures for it are 15 – 25 degrees.

The plant does not tolerate dry air, but does not grow well in too humid places.

Chlorophytum comosum leaves grow best in conditions of moderate humidity.

As with most plants, watering should be tailored to how much water they need.

For Chlorophytum is most favorable is abundant watering in summer and scanty watering in winter. This species loves light soils, in room conditions when the plant is in a pot the soil substrate consists of leaf litter, chimovka, decomposed manure and sand in different proportions depending on the age of the plant.

In order for the plant to develop well, in addition to the favorable environment, it must be provided with a good and regular feeding, the so-called fertilization. It is carried out every month from May to September with a weak liquid fertilizer. A soil mixture is suitable for potted plants.

Flower of Chlorophytum comosum The plant is propagated by removing the formed air rosettes and planting them in the soil.

Another method of propagation is by dividing the plant itself, but when there are tubers formed, the plant should not be divided.

It is beneficial for the plant to spray (spray with water) the leaves during the hot summer months to reduce the transpiration of the plant. Characteristic of this plant is that it improves the interior conditions in the home.

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