Phytonia (Fittonia verschaffeltii) – use in landscaping 101

Phytonia (Fittonia verschaffeltii) Phytonia is a wonderful deciduous ornamental species that originated in faraway South America and more specifically in Colombia and Peru. ландшафтни за трева ограничители

This species with its small size and amazing decoration of the leaves is one of the most suitable species for growing indoors. It is also found in the garden in combination with garden accessories and combines well in garden color figures when edging with a landscape grass limiter.

It reaches a maximum height of 15 cm.

Light is an important factor in preserving the colors of the leaves as well as the contrast between them. It is good in winter to choose a place for the plant to be constantly lit by the sun, while in summer its place should be in partial shade so as not to burn the leaves from strong sunlight. It is quite suitable and appreciated in the construction of winter gardens and home interior garden, replacing the grassing of some of the more shady areas.

Phytonia loves warm winters with temperatures in the range of 16 – 18 degrees and relatively warm summer temperatures in the range of 24 – 28 degrees.

Phytonia leaves (Fittonia verschaffeltii) Humidity should be high.

Dry air contributes to the deterioration of the decorative qualities of the plant and its unsightly appearance.

Regarding watering, it is good to keep the substrate moist in winter and to water abundantly during the warm summer months.

There must be good drainage so that water is not retained around the roots, which leads to their rot and death of the plant or to the deterioration of its appearance.

The soil on which the plant grows should be light and rich in nutrients. The best substrate is obtained by mixing equal amounts of leaf litter, chimovka, sand and well-decomposed manure. Chimovka is used successfully in landscaping many gardens and yards.

Phytonia (Fittonia verschaffeltii) and good plant development requires fertilization.

Fertilization serves to improve the mechanical composition of the soil and to improve soil nutrition.

Phytonia requires weekly fertilization with a weak liquid fertilizer for the months from May to September.

Propagation is very easy, in the spring take cuttings with two or three leaves on them and place in water or soil mixture. If you put them in water after the appearance of the roots should be planted in soil with the qualities described above.

It is advisable to break the tips of young plants to branch. It is good in the summer months to spray the leaves to increase humidity.

Phytony successfully participates in landscaping the yard, but you should choose a place that is not in direct sunlight, and in the winter months to go home.

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