Cineraria cruentus – a beautiful houseplant 103

This houseplant originates from the Canary Islands. The size reaches the average for a flower.

This beautiful plant reaches 35 – 80 cm in height and the width of the plant is 15 – 25 cm. Its flowering is very beautiful and very long.

Cineraria blooms in many different colors, ranging from pink to purple and all their shades. Cineraria has the most abundant flowering from January to April. As for the light, it is not so demanding. During the summer months it can be taken to the garden on the balcony or grown in a greenhouse made of quality Israeli polyethylene for greenhouses.

In the winter, a place should be chosen that is shady, and in the summer, when decorating a yard or garden, the cineraria should be placed in partial shade for its good development. The most favorable temperature for the development of this plant is 10 – 15 degrees. In winter, this species requires very abundant watering, especially during flowering. In summer, the soil should be kept moist.

Leaves of Cineraria (Cineraria cruentus) Do not overdo it with water, because it leads to root rot and deterioration of the decorative appearance of the plant.

To avoid this, a good drainage is made at the bottom of the pot, and different materials can be used, the most famous being the broken tiles. The soil mixture on which the Cineraria grows best is composed of equal parts leaf, chimovka and sand.

The beautiful flowers of Cineraria (Cineraria cruentus) In this species fertilization is not mandatory, but if there is it is favorable for the development of the plant. When fertilizing with mineral liquid fertilizers intended for flowering species, branching of the plant is achieved. This achieves the maximum decorative effect. Propagation of this species is by seeds, planted at a depth of about 3 mm and placed at a low temperature which is about 15 degrees. Germination occurs after a maximum of 10 days. After germination, the ponies are dipped and planted in pot number 9.

It is best to buy ready-made plants, because growing them from seed is very difficult. When watering the plant, the leaves and flowers must be protected, because wetting them leads to rot. качествен ограничител за трева

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