How to clean herbs after picking 100

Once we have been in nature and collected the herbs we need, we go home and sort them (it is very important to divide them into species, we should not mix them) primary processing and cleaning of unnecessary impurities – weeds, tomato seeds pink, white clover seeds, dandelions, etc. семена на домати цена

During the collection, in addition to herbs, other unnecessary plant parts are collected, which must be removed very well before the herbs are placed in the conditions under which they will be dried.

The herbs that have been collected are spread and their cleaning from various impurities begins.

Collected herbs with weeds. Impurities can be of different nature, soil, pebbles, sand, different types of weeds and others.

In addition to these impurities, yellowed and bad-looking parts of the plant are removed, eaten by various insect parts and parts with spots of indeterminate nature (these parts are unusable and their properties are impaired).

Fruits and seeds that are harvested are also subjected to these procedures by removing those that are not ripe.

Sorted, cleaned herbs The most labor-intensive is the cleaning of roots, rhizomes, tubers and bulbs.

From the fact that they are underground, they should be covered with soil, and this is true.

After digging, they are cleaned as well as possible from dirt and other foreign impurities and, if necessary, and in most cases it is necessary to wash with running cold water.

After all these manipulations that are performed on the cleaning of the seeds, they are ready for the next stage in their storage, namely drying.

It is important when you have to wash some herbs with water to let them dry before placing them in the drying room.

It is good to dry the different types of herbs separately.

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