Flowering and use in landscaping of Acidantra murielae 90

This plant is not very popular in our country, but this does not mean that it does not grow in our country or that it is not so beautiful. This species originates from Abyssinia.

Its size is neither very small nor very large, it gets medium size.

The height of the acidantra reaches 80 cm, which makes it suitable for growing indoors as well as business buildings or in greenhouses made of special polyethylene for the greenhouse.

Its flowering is not very long, it blooms in July-August for about two months, but on the other hand the flowers are beautiful and can be found with white and cream flowers.

Regarding light Acidantera requires direct sunlight. Acidantra (Acidantra murielae) In direct sunlight, this plant grows very well and acquires an amazing decorative effect.

The plant during the growing season requires not very high temperatures but not very low, grows well at medium temperatures around 20 degrees. It has bright colors and can be used in the garden.

In autumn, after the leaves die, the bulbs are stored in a cool place with a temperature of about 10 degrees.

Regarding watering should not be overdone because it leads to root rot and deterioration of the decorative effect of the plant.

It should also not be missing, because the roots can dry out and the plant may die. Moderate watering is recommended depending on the air temperature. The soil on which the plant grows must be rich in nutrients in order to be able to feed it and also be well drained. The best combination is an equal amount of chimovka, leaflet and sand. Chimovka is used in landscaping of many sites as a soil improver.

Fertilization is an important event that helps Acidantra murielae to develop plants better. For this species fertilization is carried out from early spring to late summer with liquid mineral fertilizers for flowering species. Fertilization is done every two weeks.

It is obligatory to observe the certain norms for fertilization, otherwise the plant may be permanently damaged or die. But we must also be careful with the use of fertilizers, because in case of overdose they can be harmful to him. Propagation is by tubers and planted in pots in the spring, maybe in the garden, but be sure to use limiters for ryegrass пластмасови ограничители за трева

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