How to grow Venus hair (Adiantum capillus – veneris) in your home 91

Venus hair is a houseplant that is found in every home or exotic greenhouse made of Israeli polyethylene.

It originates from countries located in temperate and subtropical regions.

As dimensions do not reach great height and width, even sometimes they are identical. The dimensions of the veneered hair are in the order: height about 15 – 30 cm and width about 15 – 25 cm.

Sometimes the plant acquires a spherical shape. It cannot be said that it is demanding to light, but it shows the best indicators in growth and decorative qualities when it is in partial shade. тротоарни плочки за двора

High temperatures do not reflect well. It also does not tolerate abrupt changes in temperature, from warm to cold and from cold to warm. The most favorable temperatures for Venus hair are 13-18 degrees in summer and 10-13 degrees in winter. Watering should be careful, although the species loves water.

Venus’s hair (Adiantum capillus – veneris) In winter the soil should be kept moist, and in summer it should be watered abundantly, but in no case should the soil be allowed to soak. Soaking the soil leads to root rot, which in turn leads to deterioration of the decorative effect of the plant or to its death. The soil that is most favorable for growing Venus’s hair is light soil. It is formed by mixing equal parts sand, leaf litter and garden soil.

In order for the plant to grow well, care must be taken besides watering, namely fertilizing. Fertilization is carried out in the order of the months from May to September with ready-made fertilizers for deciduous ornamental species.

Venus hair (Adiantum capillus – veneris) In this species, reproduction is a bit more complicated because it is best propagated by the tissue culture method, but it can also be propagated by spores or division of the plant, which is the way to is practiced at home.

For the good development of the Venus hair at the bottom of the pot, in addition to drainage pieces, a few centimeters of sand are placed. It is good in the summer to spray the leaves.

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