Methods of reproduction of Achimenes (Achimenes grandiflora) 89

The homeland of this funnel-shaped plant is North America or more precisely Mexico.

With its size, it is very suitable for a houseplant, as its size allows it to be grown in an apartment. Achimenes reaches a height of 50-60 cm and a width of 40-45 cm.

Its flowering is in the summer, and the flowers are funnel-shaped with purple or pure white flowers. For its good development the plant requires a lot of light, but in no case direct. Direct light can cause the leaves to burn. Achimenes feels best at temperatures below 15 degrees and it is good to limit it with a landscape grass limiter. ландшафтен ограничител за райграс

Higher temperatures do not reflect well on the plant. At high temperatures it loses its decorative effect. Achimenes is not demanding on air humidity. It does not require very dry air, nor is it very humid. Feels great in moderate humidity.

Watering is more specific in this species. While flowering, watered relatively abundantly, but with the onset of autumn the leaves of the plant die.

The tubers prepare for winter and fall dormant, then watering should be moderate. In the spring, when life processes resume, watering is intensified again.

The plant grows on relatively light soil, which is prepared by mixing garden soil, leaf litter, well-decomposed manure and sand.

Manure must be well decomposed so as not to burn the roots of the plant and lead to its death.

Achimenes grandiflora Fertilization is a very important part of plant development because it gives them the necessary substances that they cannot get from the substrate.

For this type of fertilization is carried out from spring to late summer using liquid mineral fertilizers for flowering plants.

Reproduction is relatively easy. During the period before the plant has shed its leaves, tubers are taken, ie the plant is divided and thus two new separate plants are obtained.

It is good when the plant is at rest to put the pot in which its tubers are in a dark room or in a dark place. The most suitable for this purpose are basements, cellars, garages, stairs, places with constant and relatively low temperatures.

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