Origin and methods of cultivation of Aphelandra (Aphelandra squarrosa) 88

Afelandra is a wonderful houseplant with attractive colors that is used in the interior or in a greenhouse of special polyethylene for greenhouses. With its non-standard leaves and colors it gives fragility to any home.

Afelandra originates from South America or more precisely from the country of coffee-Brazil.

The plant is not famous for its large size, reaches a maximum height of 70 cm and a width of 40 cm.

Flowering of Afelandra is not very long lasting only two months, July and August. The flowers are bright yellow and oblong, facing upwards with a non-standard shape. ограничител пластмасов за трева

For maximum decorative effect in winter, aphelandra squarrosa should be in a well-lit place to preserve the brightness and strength of its colors, and in summer it is good to choose a place to decorate with afelandra in your garden and yard. with partial shade so as not to burn the leaves.

Regarding the temperature, it does not tolerate low and high temperatures, it develops best at medium temperatures in the range of 13-18 degrees in winter and 18-25 degrees in summer.

When watering, keep in mind that the soil should never dry out, but also should not allow overwetting. Overwetting leads to root rot and deterioration of the decorative effect of the plant, and sometimes to its death.

The plant loves and grows well on heavy clay soils, which are rich in nutrients so that the plant can feed. Fertilization is also an important part of plant development. It serves as nourishment.

In Aphelandra squarrosa, plowing takes place in spring and summer every two weeks with a weak solution. Fertilizer is applied as a solution with water. In winter, fertilization is carried out less frequently, as this happens every three to four weeks.

This wonderful plant is propagated in spring or early summer by taking cuttings about 8 cm long and planted in a substrate composed of equal parts moist soil and sand. For maximum decorative effect, and for the good of the plant, it is good to spray the leaves, but it is important to avoid wetting the flowers.


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