Aucuba (Aucuba japonica) and cultivation in our country 87

Aucuba (Aucuba japonica) This is a very interesting and attractive garden plant, which is suitable for combination with garden accessories and various types of plastic garden borders. There are many signs of recognition of this plant. His homeland is Japan and China.

As the size is relatively high for a flower reaches 1.6 m. The characteristic of this plant are the leaves. They are very interesting, they are leathery, dark green with yellowish spots on them. In terms of light, this plant is not a supporter of direct sunlight, grows well in indirect sunlight in winter and partial shade in summer. пластмасови градински бордюри

Aukubata likes lower temperatures of about 4 degrees in winter and up to 18 degrees in summer. The heat in the summer does not tolerate her well, she begins to lose its decorative effect and her life processes deteriorate. Drying can also occur. Some experts recommend, if possible, to place the plant in places that are not sunny or to store it in the summer heat indoors and in a cool place.

Aucuba (Aucuba japonica) In order for this species to develop normally, high humidity is required. If the air is dry the plant suffers.

The dry air can be overcome to some extent by spraying the leaves several times a day, thus the conditions will become more tolerable for the plant. The requirements for high humidity differ from those for the humidity of the soil substrate. Aukuba should be watered sparingly in winter and moderately in summer to develop normally.

The soil mixture on which the plant is located must be heavy and rich in nutrients so that the plant can get the nutrients it needs. It must be rich in humus soil.

The substrate consists of leaf litter, chimovka, compost and sand. Fertilization is practiced to improve the nutritional stock of the soil and its mechanical composition. For this type of fertilization is carried out every two weeks with liquid mineral fertilizers intended for deciduous ornamental species.

Fertilizers can be applied dissolved with water by watering. It is good to be careful not to overdose with liquid fertilizers, because this can lead to deterioration of the decorative effect or death of the species. Aucuba (Aucuba japonica) Propagation is by stem or leaf cuttings by rooting in sand or perlite in the spring.

It is possible to take root in water (only for stem cuttings), but in most cases it is unsuccessful due to the specifics of the physiological processes of the species.

It is good in the spring to have an active pruning to shape the plant and to provoke and stimulate branching, thus the plant is rejuvenated and its decorative effect and life expectancy increases. Pruning can give a different shape to the plant.

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