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The diversity of the fauna in the home aquarium Do you have a new home in which you want to bring beauty from nature? Or do you just need a unique solution to freshen up your home? If this is exactly what you want and you love aquatic animals, then we have the perfect offer for you – add an aquarium. This small water area will bring a unique and stylish atmosphere around you. тревни смески Semenata

Everyone can afford to create a small water paradise, as long as they consider a few basic things. The first and most important thing is to choose a suitable location. In this case, you must comply with the light in the room. If you have decided to situate it in the barbecue in the yard around the lawn, grassed with different types of professional grass mixtures and ryegrass, then you need to know some basic rules.

It is not good if the aquarium is placed in direct sunlight (near a window), because with the later addition of plants, ornamental fish in a beautiful home aquarium this light can cause rapid growth of algae and at the same time nervousness in the fish.

The dark corner is also an inappropriate place. Sunlight should fall in moderation during the day, and its absence at night is compensated by fluorescent lamps.

Once you choose the perfect place, it’s time to consider the size and shape of the aquarium. These important parameters depend primarily on the size and number of fish you want to keep.

You can get the best advice on this choice on the spot from the consultants in the pet store, as the variety of fish and aquariums is huge. From there it is also appropriate to choose sand or pebbles, which you will use both for decorative flooring with an aesthetic effect and for hiding places for fish. Substrates of many different shapes and colors are available on the market.

You should choose ones that do not endanger the health of your fish, ie. with a more oval shape, without sharp edges and too large due to the possibility that they can squeeze smaller fish. You can also decorate your bottom with wonderful ceramic or plastic decorations such as: fairytale castles, antique sunken ships, small amphorae or why not a whole sunken city. The choice is entirely yours, and you can transfer the theme from the aquarium to the whole room. Another important element is the choice of plants.

You can choose from beautiful and colorful artificial or amazing living. In this case, you should know that aqua interesting decoration for a home aquarium flora is not only a beautiful decoration for your aquatic world, it is also vital for its inhabitants, as many fish feed on it, and others use it as a refuge. For this reason, it is good to choose a combination with live plants.

To arrange a beautiful and caressing aquarium with its natural look, it is good to consider in the first place their height. It is best to choose two or three bright and taller plants to put in the background. You can bury them in the roots with more substrate, giving the illusion of a slight elevation.

It is nice to stand out among the pebbles and sand, forming a beautiful background. To give an even deeper look, place lower and less dense plants in front of them, which will give you visibility both to the well-arranged bottom with the selected figures and to your aqua organisms. If you want to add a second level that extends beyond your chosen flora – just add different types of floating algae, which at the same time with the effect they create are a great hiding place for newborn fish.




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