Vibropressed paving slabs 40/40/4 cm – made of high-strength concrete

Online store Semenata Shop added to its catalog of garden flooring another great product – concrete paving slabs with a size of 40/40/4 cm.

This model of tile is made of high-strength concrete, which is pressed by vibropresses. This is a method of manufacturing concrete flooring products, through which the concrete mixture is compacted and gets a higher density. It is the density of the concrete paving slabs and the properties of the concrete mix that make them stable and suitable for outdoor use for a long period of time.

Tiles 40/40/4 cm concrete are a material that is highly valued by all builders, landscape architects, private craftsmen, craftsmen and people involved in the repair and construction of exterior flooring.

The sidewalks are most often used to build sidewalks in different parts of the settlements – around streets, around different buildings by purpose, around parks, etc.

This model tiles are smooth and square in size, which makes them suitable for building garden flooring of any type. With them you can easily make a garden path to the barbecue, to the pool, to the rock garden or a rocky flower corner. With paving tiles you can lay the pedestrian zone around the fence of your house, villa, shop, restaurant, hotel or garage.

Paving slabs made of vibropressed concrete are also suitable for the pedestrian part of pavements around public buildings – large shopping centers, theater, cinema, offices and office buildings, playgrounds, pedestrian alleys in urban and rural parks, around grocery stores, fast food pavilions, areas for markets, markets, hospitals, cafes, etc.

Pavement concrete tiles are used to create pavements around metro stations, bus stations, taxi stands, around gas stations, gas stations, methane stations, around charging stations for electric cars, around residences of diplomats and statesmen, around wind power plants, solar parks, parking lots for tiroro and others.

These classic 40/40/4 cm paving slabs are available as standard in gray (concrete). However, you can order coloring of the top layer of the plate with a thickness of about 1 cm in colors yellow, ocher and red. This way, you can easily choose the right style to suit your building or facility.

This variety of colors makes the tiles suitable for creating unique flooring for the design of representative areas around city squares, around cultural monuments and more. significant architectural sites.

Technical characteristics of concrete paving slabs smooth:

Pavement dimensions (length / width / height) – available in sizes 40/40/4 cm, but you can also order this model in dimensions 40/40/5 cm

Color – Classic gray color, as well as coloring in ocher, yellow, red. Only the top layer 1 cm thick is colored.

Material – Pavement tiles 40 – 40 – 4 cm are made of high-strength vibropressed concrete.

Weight of a concrete tile – 14 kg

Number of paving slabs in 1 sq.m – To create 1 sq.m flooring you will need 6 pcs. plates.

Maximum number of tiles per euro pallet (120/80 cm) – 70 pcs. (11.67 sq.m)

Weight of one pallet with 70 pcs. tiles – about 983 kg.

Origin – Bulgaria

Note! The indicated price includes VAT for one paving slab. Delivery is made by couriers, and the delivery price depends on the location and whether we deliver to the courier’s office or to the customer’s address.

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