Concrete grass paving grids for sale in BG (60/40/10 cm)

Specialized garden center Semenata Shop added to its catalog of garden flooring types – concrete grass paving grids at a reasonable price with the possibility of delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria.

Concrete parking lots are widely used for the construction of various types of flooring in gardens, yards, parks, and various purpose buildings. They are used to build separate parking lots or entire parking lots, to strengthen steep terrains or places with a risk of landslides.

Parking concrete bodies are highly valued because they have openings. Grass mixtures for parking lots or various types of ornamental plants are sown in these openings. This increases the percentage of green space, which helps to improve the microclimate in the construction of large administrative centers or in highly urbanized buildings.

The grass paving grids are machine-made of vibe pressed concrete. For this reason, they have high load strength, strength, density, and last but not least a smooth surface.

Concrete parking bodies are widely used in the construction of parking lots. They are suitable for construction of parking lots in front of large supermarket chains, in front of office buildings, malls, in the construction of parking spaces around hospitals, hotels, sanatoriums, hotel complexes, chalets in the mountains, guest houses under European project, parking lots around swimming pools, theaters, operas, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, fast food restaurants, wineries, nurseries, fruit nurseries, garden centers for ornamental plants, etc.

In addition to building parking lots, concrete bodies are suitable for strengthening steep terrain. With them, landslide areas can be easily strengthened. Due to their large weight and openings in which plants with a strong root system can be grown, concrete parking bodies are actively used in fortification and anti-erosion activities along highways, along first-class roads, eco-trails, in private homes, and more.

Technical characteristics of concrete parking bodies:

Size of 1 pc. parking body – 60/40/10 cm

Openings in parking elements – each parking element has 8 pcs. square holes that are 10/10 cm in size

Color of concrete bodies – gray, it is possible to order another color, the production period is about 2 weeks

Material – the parking elements are made of concrete, which is machine vibropressed

Weight – 1 pc. parking grille weighs 32 kg

Number of concrete grass paving grids in 1 sq.m – 4.17 pcs. (1 parking lot covers 0.24 sq.m)

A maximum of 34 pieces can be placed on one Euro pallet. lattice parking concrete bodies, as this equates to 8.16 sq.m.

Weight of one pallet is 986 kg.

Note! The indicated prices of concrete parking elements include VAT for one parking lot. We deliver to Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Pleven, Yambol, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, Sliven, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and all small and large settlements in Bulgaria, which are accessible for a truck with a drop board.

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