Vibropressed paving slabs 40/40/4 cm – made of high-strength concrete

Online store Semenata Shop added to its catalog of garden flooring another great product – concrete paving slabs with a size of 40/40/4 cm.

This model of tile is made of high-strength concrete, which is pressed by vibropresses. This is a method of manufacturing concrete flooring products, through which the concrete mixture is compacted and gets a higher density. It is the density of the concrete paving slabs and the properties of the concrete mix that make them stable and suitable for outdoor use for a long period of time.

Tiles 40/40/4 cm concrete are a material that is highly valued by all builders, landscape architects, private craftsmen, craftsmen and people involved in the repair and construction of exterior flooring.

The sidewalks are most often used to build sidewalks in different parts of the settlements – around streets, around different buildings by purpose, around parks, etc.

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