Support for Orchids and potted flowers and vegetables – Red Lori

The red Lori is support for orchids and climbing and climbing flowers. It is made of durable plastic and has slight flexibility.

The red support Lori has „ears“ with which to catch the flowering stem of the orchids. You can order it in two versions – mascara or leaf.

Red Lori is a commonly used plastic support in the cultivation of orchids, potted climbing, and climbing plants. It is often used as construction to support different types of flowers for the interior and exterior.

You can apply it successfully in the garden, in the flower bed (rock garden), in most of the pots and planters. Often, more imaginative gardeners use several props to arrange flower boxes and baskets.

Red Lori can be used in the cultivation of orchids, ornamental ivy, some species of ficus, vinca, rhodochiton, Chinese vine (wild vine), and many more. etc.

Color: Lori is in a fresh red color. You can order it from our online store in the colors – white (transparent) and green.

Dimensions of the support: Height 60 cm.

Weight: 0.045 kg

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