Support for orchids and flowers – Green Lori

Green Lori is support for orchids and flowers. It is made of hard plastic with light plasticity. The characteristic of the support is its height – 60 cm and comfortable hooks for which you can fix the peduncle of orchids or the stem of climbing plants.

There are two options with a decorative leaf element or a spiral decorative element.

Green Lori is plastic support that is used in the cultivation of vines, various types of climbing and climbing plants, to strengthen flowering orchids. It can be applied to pots, flower pots, vases, as well as in the garden, in the flower bed, even in arrangements with stone (rock gardens).

It is more often used as a construction in the cultivation of some species of orchids, climbing ficus, decorative ivy, and others. Some exterior climbing plants can be successfully climbed on it, while they are smaller – Tecoma, wisteria, jasmine, lonicera japonica, Parthenocissus and others.

The support is not suitable for construction when growing climbing and climbing roses, as well as plants with more aggressive growth and solid weight.

Color: Nice green color. You can also order it in transparent apple and red.

Dimensions of the support: height – 60 cm.

Weight: 0.045 kg

Note: It is good for the plastic ladder to enter the soil at least 8 cm.

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