Support for orchid and climbing flowers – plastic White Sally

White Sally is interesting in plastic support for orchids and potted flowers. It is made of hard plastic, which has slight flexibility. The plastic support for orchids and flowers consists of a central plastic part, in which hooks are attached to the peduncle of the orchid or to the stems of the respective flowers. At the top, the support ends with a decorative ornament – leaves or spiral.

The support for the orchid and for flowers is widely used in the interior landscaping of winter gardens, for balconies and terraces, for landscaping of offices, etc. It is great for house climbing plants, flowering vines, and more. It can also be used for arrangements in the garden and yard.

The support for creeping flowers and orchids is not suitable for ornamental plants that develop powerful creeping stems – wild vine, Parthenocissus, some clematis, and others.
Color: Transparent white.

Dimensions of the ladder: Height 60 cm.

Weight: 0.05 kg

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