Plastic flower pot self-watering in an interesting brown color (terracotta) Ф17,5 / H15

GardenBG web presents a pot made of plastic, which is self-watering and is a suitable garden container for growing different types of plants. The pot narrows from top to bottom and has a round opening. It has a smooth surface and perfectly imitates ceramics. The advantage of this model pot is that it is light and can be quickly and easily moved to another location, according to the specific needs of the plant grown in it. It is equipped with a special self-watering system and a drainage cassette. This way you won’t have to worry about watering the flowers, whatever they are.

Other pots of this size, such as ceramics, are heavier and more difficult to carry from one place to another.

The pot in brown ceramic color (terracotta) is widely used in the cultivation of various ornamental, climbing, hanging, and creeping plants. It is among the most preferred pots for growing flowers, both by amateur gardeners and by professional gardeners.

Seedlings of different types of vegetables can be grown in a self-watering pot. Not recommended for growing barefoot, fruit trees, taller shrubs, and plants with a strong root system.

Color: Brown (ceramic, terracotta)

Flower dimensions: Ф17.5 / H15, 2.5 liters

Capacity: Approximately 2.5 liters of soil.

Total weight of the product: 0.370 kg

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