Plastic garden flower box

This is a rectangular garden box for growing flowers and various types of plants. The box is plastic and has slightly rounded corners. It is characterized by an elegant narrowing from top to bottom of the garden court.

In the four corners of the vessel, there are openings for water drainage during watering. Complete with the box, you also receive a plastic plate for collecting excess water in the same brown color.

The advantage of the plate is that it follows the curves of the box and adheres tightly to it. This allows you to very easily move from one place in the garden to another.

In this typical flower box, you can grow a very serious set of ornamental plants and many of the cultivated ones. It is often used by gardeners and gardeners in landscaping hotels, restaurants, private villas, and houses.

Many people grow indoor flowers in it – various species of ficus pumila, ornamental fern, some species of palms, chlorophytum, abellia, adiantum, cyclamen, hoya (wax), and many other tropical exotics. Besides them, hanging and creeping plants, vines, such as a large number of clematis (county), decorative ivy, etc. are often grown in this balcony box.

In the box, you can also prepare vegetable seedlings for spring in the garden. In it, you can sow seeds of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, peas, and more.

And some people even grow spices on the terrace or balcony, such as parsley, cumin, dill, coriander, watercress, Latin, and others. Arrangements of different types of succulents, cacti, etc. are often made in the box.

Color: Brown

Dimensions of the pot: 50.8×18.8×17.3 – 15.5l

Total weight of the product: 0.32 kg

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