Garden plastic flower box for luxurious landscaping in stylish Gray

We at Gardenbg com are pleased to present a stylish garden flower box. It is made of light and durable plastic that has rounded edges and luxurious gray color.

Slightly narrows from top to bottom, the main advantage of the model is its irrigation system. Through it, your flowers will always feel optimally watered. Your only concern is to fill the water tank through the special hole.

This garden box with an irrigation system is often used in landscaping gardens because of its stylish color. Many landscaping companies use it in the construction of modern gardens in private yards and public green areas, hotels, and restaurants. This plastic box is also valued because it can grow a huge number of decorative species.

Successfully in the pot, you can grow houseplants, arrangements of flowering and deciduous species, creepers, lianas, and much more. You can use it on the balcony or terrace to grow fresh spices, such as wild garlic, parsley, tarragon, indris, hyssop, kaloferche (cake), and more.

In it, you can prepare spring seedlings of vegetables for the garden – zucchini, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers, green beans, beans, and more.

Flower lovers often grow their cascading petunias, cascading sagebrushes, geraniums, bells, tagetes, and many more in the garden self-watering box. etc. Not suitable for growing some exotic flowers, such as orchids or Japanese trees – bonsai.

Color: Stylish gray with a light matte.

Dimensions of the pot: 39.5 / 8.4 / H17

Capacity: About 6.70 liters of flower soil.

Total weight of the product: 0.32 kg

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