Luxury round plastic pot with a nice gloss in white and purple Ф11 / H 10.5 cm is pleased to present a luxurious round plastic pot with an irrigation system in white and purple. The surface of the pot is smooth and with an elegant shine. It is highly valued for interior landscaping of offices, restaurants, hotels, and hotel complexes.

This flower pot has a round hole of different sizes and a round base.

This type of pots with irrigation systems is one of the most used in the cultivation of potted ornamental species. They are often used for growing balcony flowers, houseplants, different types of climbing and flowering plants, and are also valued for growing different types of orchids.

They are preferred because they have a nice appearance, are light and this makes them comfortable to work with. In addition, the irrigation system saves you the annoying daily monitoring of plants for soil moisture. Your favorite flowers will be irrigated by capillary with the optimal amount of moisture for the species.

Color: Transparent, white.

Dimensions of the plastic pot: Ф11 / H10.5

Capacity: about 0.6 liters of soil substrate

Total weight of the product: 0.177 kg

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