White Molly round plastic pot with irrigation system Ф14 / H12,5

The White Molly is from a series of round plastic pots with an irrigation system, which is made of quality plastic. It has an elegant shape and narrows slightly from top to bottom.

In its upper and lower part, the White Molly has a round shape. The pot is equipped with an irrigation system and a drainage capsule, with which your flowers will always be well watered with the optimal amount of water.

White Molly is widely used by professional and hobby gardeners. It is suitable for growing different types of flowers and low ornamental trees such as ficus and others. lsitnodekorativnye plants. It is often used for balcony flowers, climbing ornamental plants, landscaping balconies, roof gardens, for growing non-winter hardy plants at home, and more.

The pot is not suitable for growing taller shrubs, low trees such as bonsai, thuja, and others. Its advantages are that it is quite light, comfortable to work with, self-watering, and is a great substitute for ceramic pots.

Color: White Molly is white.

Dimensions of the pot: Ф14 / H12,5

Capacity: about 1.5 liters of soil substrate.

Total weight of the product: 0.370 kg

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