Seeds of white cotton – Gossypium herbaceum

Especially for connoisseurs of dry arrangement, we are pleased to present you the seeds of cotton (Gossypium herbaceum). This variety of cotton is one of the most common. It belongs to the Malvaceae family, the genus (Gossypium).

Cotton is widespread in America, Africa, and India. From the seeds of cotton will sprout a perennial fiber plant, which is low-growing and most often reaches a height of 50 cm. The plant forms soft and white balls, due to the growth of its seed bud.

The fibrous white threads of cotton are made of about 91% cellulose (cotton contains wax, fat, mineral salts, etc.) and have great strength. It is best to sow cotton seeds in places with full exposure to the sun.

The plant is thermophilic and quite tolerant of drought and places with poorer soils, so it can be grown in soil that is not high in nutrients. The vegetation period of cotton is 120 days. Color Cotton blooms with yellow flowers and forms white and fluffy fibers in the form of balls, which serve to protect the seeds of cotton from drying out (also „balls“ facilitate the spread of seeds after-ripening).

Height Reaches a height of 50 cm.
Flowering period Cotton blooms from July to October.
Light requirement Direct sun.
Soil When sowing cotton seeds, the soil should be loose and moist. As for the nutrient supply of the soil, it does not have to be high in humus. Cotton also grows on poorer soils.
Winter hardiness Winter hardy for the climate in Bulgaria.
Longevity Perennial plant.

Place of the plant For the exterior and interior. You can plant it in a plastic pot or in the yard in the garden.
Sowing time June. (Sowing rate 2 kg / 1 decare)
Depth of sowing 3 – 4 cm.
Distance from each other 22 – 30 cm
Germination time The seeds germinate in a few weeks.
Watering Frequent watering is not necessary after the cotton has sprouted. Be careful not to get too wet! Water moderately and less frequently.
Fertilization Nitrogen-phosphorus fertilization is recommended if necessary.

Cotton seeds are sown in many countries, as cotton is the main raw material in the textile industry. In the textile sector, cotton is grown for its fiber, which is used to make fabrics and yarns from which high-quality clothes, tarpaulins, filters, rayon and more are made. These properties of cotton have been known since antiquity and are evidenced by discovered fragments of cotton fabric, which date from five thousand years before Christ.

Cottonseed oil, from which soap is made, is also widely used. Cotton is also widely used as an indispensable natural material for decoration! If you are a fan of dry arrangements, you love natural ornaments and natural decoration products, then be sure to try to grow cotton in a pot.

Order cotton seeds now and after the plant is filled with the incredibly delicate white balls, tear them off and use them in various arrangements for home and office. Professional decorators use cotton balls in arrangements with candles (away from the candle itself, due to the danger of ignition), transparent and white stones for decoration with a bright accent – physalis pods!

You can put whole twigs of cotton in vases, in combination with dried pampas grass or rushes. Delicate cotton balls can also be used to decorate handmade jewelry boxes, paintings of dried plants and panels, and why not for non-standard wedding bouquets, for example. Unleash your imagination and fantasies and experiment with various attractive arrangements with cotton, which you have personally grown from seeds purchased from our online store „Garden“!

Package size – 15/10 cm

Net weight – 1.5 g.

Seeds in one gram – 6 pcs.

Product weight – 0.005 kg (5.00 g)

Note: On the back of each package of Cotton Seeds there is the shelf life of the seeds and a percentage of their germination.

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