Application of flowers in the interior 18

Flowers are mainly used for home decoration (example with the photo taken by Panoramas), landscaping of offices and work rooms, recreation rooms (photo with a cafe made by stevecadman) and treatment, various administrative buildings and other buildings (example is the picture of stevecadman) who are for temporary residence. пластмасова ограничителна лента за трева

It is an interesting fact that the presence of vegetation in the working environment increases the productivity of workers by 15%. According to scientists, this is due to the calming effect of green color, as well as the sanitary and hygienic functions of indoor vegetation. The plants in the interior absorb dust, smoke and freshen the air in the room, this has a beneficial effect on the human body, which is highly valued.

Usually whole plants are used for decoration, such as potted flowers or various parts of them – cut flowers, twigs, leaves and others.

When decorating with potted flowers or seeds of potted flowers, it is very important that they are selected so that their requirements are consistent with the characteristics of the environment, the opportunities provided by the room and interior. grass restriction strip

Spectacular indoor vegetationIt is especially important to pay attention to the intensity of lighting (it is one of the most important factors for the photosynthesis of plants, and hence on their life), it is also necessary to take into account the air temperature (it determines the evaporation of water from the soil surface and from the surface of the leaves, which can lead to deterioration of the decorative qualities of the plant and even to its death), as well as humidity (some plants are extremely sensitive to humidity) in the room.

The soil substrate is also of great importance for the normal development of vegetation, its humidity (the required soil moisture depends exclusively on the type of plant, excessive moisture can lead to root rot and plant death, and drought can permanently damage vegetation, therefore, it is extremely important to know the relevant species you grow, their characteristics and requirements), air content (so-called aeration). The good thing is that the properties of the soil are very easy to regulate when it comes to potted plants, in contrast to sunlight and humidity.

In addition to whole plants and their other parts – cut flowers, twigs, leaves, fruits are used to decorate rooms with different purposes. Arrangements of flowers and their parts are called in short bouquets or arrangements.

The term bouquet comes from the French word bouquet and literally means a group of flowers or things connected together. In Germany, the word bouquet has a definition – a connection of colors, if there are more than three in number.

Interesting interior plantThe concept of flower arrangement is generally more extensive and general. It means the artistic arrangement of parts of plants (whether flowers or inflorescences, with or without stems, leafy twigs, fruit twigs, only leaves, only flowers, fruit or leafless twigs), parts of plants and dead material (stone, water , metal, plastic and many others).

It is extremely important for a composition to choose suitable flower pots or a container in which the plant or plant and dead material is arranged. There is a huge variety of options – stone, wood parts, metal structures, vases, plastic materials and much more. It is important to have a sense and aesthetic skills and knowledge when arranging.

The main thing in creating an arrangement is to achieve unity in all respects in the composition itself. Starting from the combination of the colors of the plant parts and the vessel, the size of the same, symmetry, asymmetry, whether or not there will be any accent, what will be the contrast in the composition itself, whether there will be rhythm or not, all these things depend from the purpose of the given arrangement, from whether the person who creates it has a sense of aesthetics. Good masters of arrangements achieve unity in asymmetry – this is one of the most difficult tasks in creating a creation called an arrangement.

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