Ways to prune plants in the garden 59

How to properly prune the plants in our garden? This is an event that is quite important for garden design and yard design, but it is also important to know how to do it optimally well for the plant. Different prunings allow the plants to be arranged with different garden furniture.

Regular pruning is quite important for the optimal development of our plant, to stimulate its branching and further development. In addition to trees and shrubs in green areas, there are other plants that need specialized pruning – these are our beautiful garden flowers. редене на пластмасови паркинг елементи

For example, if you cut the shoot of a plant (this is the branch that has grown this year, summer – grown, grown in summer) above the bud, from this bud will appear two new shoots (two new branches). This type of pruning stimulates the growth of the plant, favors flowering and fruiting. Cutting can be done with different tools. One of them is pruning shears. They can also be used for cutting when laying plastic parking elements.

The question is when to do the pruning, it depends mostly on the plant, its specific growth and habit.

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Application of flowers in the interior 18

Flowers are mainly used for home decoration (example with the photo taken by Panoramas), landscaping of offices and work rooms, recreation rooms (photo with a cafe made by stevecadman) and treatment, various administrative buildings and other buildings (example is the picture of stevecadman) who are for temporary residence. пластмасова ограничителна лента за трева

It is an interesting fact that the presence of vegetation in the working environment increases the productivity of workers by 15%. According to scientists, this is due to the calming effect of green color, as well as the sanitary and hygienic functions of indoor vegetation. The plants in the interior absorb dust, smoke and freshen the air in the room, this has a beneficial effect on the human body, which is highly valued.

Usually whole plants are used for decoration, such as potted flowers or various parts of them – cut flowers, twigs, leaves and others.

When decorating with potted flowers or seeds of potted flowers, it is very important that they are selected so that their requirements are consistent with the characteristics of the environment, the opportunities provided by the room and interior. grass restriction strip

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Nutrition of ornamental plants 15

Nutrition is extremely important when starting garden and yard landscaping, especially for the normal development of your garden flower seeds, ornamental trees and shrubs, your indoor plants and crops. Regardless of the geographical location, whether you are in Bulgaria or the United States, there are no plants that do not need nutrients in one amount or another. To do this, you need to maintain the humus content of the soil in the garden at a good level.

Feeding is necessary and is carried out throughout the growing season (period of active vegetation development usually from early spring to late autumn, different types of plants are different, examples of spring fertilization in the photos taken by mariecarianna, noii’s and … jc …, the very period of active vegetation is characterized by the formation of new twigs and leaves, active growth of roots and aboveground part in general), because the main and pre-sowing fertilization can not fully meet the needs of plants for nutrients to develop optimally. It is especially important when growing garden flower seeds. градински ограничител за трева

In the case of ornamental vegetation, which is used in the field of landscaping and landscaping, the selected forms and species that require fertile soils need regular nourishment (these are genetically derived plants that have different requirements from the original, normal species and are usually much more demanding). Feeding is also done in cases when the soil is not fertile enough or is permeable, which means that when watering the nutrients are easily removed from the soil (usually these are more sandy soils).

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