Asti tomato pot in elegant green color with self-irrigation system

In one of the largest online gardening stores GardenShop.Pro you can buy a green pot for tomatoes Maggie with self-irrigation system.
The Asti tomato pot is made of strong plastic.

This allows its use both indoors and outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, low or high temperatures. Its stylish appearance distinguishes it from ordinary pots so that it can be used in public places – beauty salons, restaurants, offices, conference halls, restaurants, pastry shops, organic shops and more.

In this beautiful green pot with Asti irrigation system you can grow all kinds of indoor and balcony plants that will purify the indoor air and create mood and beauty. It is valued and often used for growing all kinds of balcony tomatoes, mini cherry blackcurrant tomatoes and more. If you grow garden spices and herbs, you can create your own fragrant garden on the balcony, which not only decorates but also brings benefits to the household. Тротоарни плочки Козлодуй

By planting plants such as savory, basil and tagetes, you will drive insects away from your home so that you have peace of mind during the summer months.
If you are passionate about floristry, you could easily find the use of the green pot Asti. Its quality production gives you a great choice of where to place it – outdoors or indoors. With this extremely light and strong pot you can easily change the place of the plant you are growing, as you would not have a problem with carrying it.

If you want to arrange pots in different colors, you can buy other similar items from so as to refresh your home. Growing orange flowers in a green pot would create a nice accent, as orange and green are contrasting tones. You would achieve this by planting the magnificent Asian lilies or California poppies.

Marigold, which is very good for health, can also be easily grown in a pot, and at the same time you would have a lot of benefits from this medicinal plant.
You can make an arrangement of yellow, red and orange cherry tomatoes in an Asti pot.
Technical specifications of flower pots
Color: Green.
Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot for tomatoes in the upper part has a diameter of 18.00 cm (ф18)
Height of the pot: 14 cm
Capacity: about 2.5 liters of soil substrate.
Product weight: 0.250 kg

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