Pot for jasmine Marty 44/44 / H38 in warm brown color

GardenShop.pro offers you an interesting offer that will undoubtedly find its place in your home and garden. The plastic pot for jasmine Marty square in warm brown color is extremely beautiful with interesting elegant patterns.

The shape is elegant and can be combined with a large Marty flower box.
The material from which the square Maggie is made is extremely durable plastic, which has UV stabilization and does not burn from strong sunlight. Due to this advantage, the pot is valued for landscaping sunny balconies, roof gardens and more. Велико Търново плочки тротоарни

Online store Garden offers discounts from the regular price of Maggie pot when ordering quantities over 10 pcs.

The Maggie jasmine pot, in addition to its attractive appearance, also boasts low weight. This is an advantage if you decide to change the location of the court regularly. Carrying it will be free of any problems. In addition, the material has a high level of flexibility and long life. The owner will be happy with the purchase because he will enjoy its exquisite design for a long time. In combination with the classic color ceramics, it would look great in any room of the house.

The pot is suitable for plants of tropical origin (jasmine, strelitzia, kobe, etc.), as well as those with sensitive root system, which rot very easily. Raised legs will not allow the roots of your plant to face this problem.

The dish is also suitable for growing herbs and spices (parsley, dill, stevia, watercress, etc.), which are used daily in the kitchen. This is a way the aromas of fresh rosemary, mint and basil and greet you every morning as soon as you cross the threshold of the room. You can also try growing fresh thyme. Using it will undoubtedly improve the taste of the dishes you prepare.

Technical specifications
Color: Warm brown (ceramic / tile color).
Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot in the upper part has a diameter of 44/44 cm
Height of the pot: 38 cm
Capacity: about 73 liters of soil substrate.
Product weight: 4,370 kg

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