Flowerpot for home and garden made of plastic in white color model Maggie ф62 / H55 cm

White pot for home Maggie with a delicate look, suitable for the most delicate and fresh plants present in your home and garden. Take advantage of the irresistible vision of the court we present to you.

The material from which the home pot is made is extremely light, UV stabilized and yet stable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. With the easy-to-combine white color, it will find its ideal place in your home and garden and will shine with all the perfection it can offer, only one quality product.

Maggie’s design is great! Extremely elegant and unique patterns and relief surround the vessel from end to end, giving it sophistication and class, and in combination with the white color one is left with the feeling of delicacy that we mentioned at the beginning. Тротоарни плочки Враца

The interesting thing about this model of pots is that they have a double bottom. The free part for planting is up to the middle of the pot. This frees you from adding drainage to the bottom. No more annoying saucers that always spill at the wrong time.
What more suitable fresh addition to your home than a pot in white Maggie. It perfectly complements the interior, no matter what its main colors, because white goes with everything, but also, as we mentioned, gives a touch of freshness that every home needs.

Maggie home pot in white color is ideal for spices and herbs, palms, fern arrangements that can be grown indoors. With a little perseverance and love you can have a year-round „garden“ of green fresh spices. The good thing is that they do not exhaust the possibility for practical application of the court.

During the summer season, on the terrace or in the garden you can grow plants with delicate flowers that need to be moved periodically or that have high requirements for climatic conditions. The offered pot is also suitable for hanging plants, whose green leaves will perfectly contrast with the white color of the pot.

Technical specifications of flower pots 
Color: Snow white color.
Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot for tomatoes in the upper part has a diameter of 62.00 cm (ф62)
Height of the pot: 55 cm
Capacity: about 34 liters of soil substrate for flowers.
Product weight: 5.770 kg

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