Pot for jasmine Marty 44/44 / H38 in warm brown color

GardenShop.pro offers you an interesting offer that will undoubtedly find its place in your home and garden. The plastic pot for jasmine Marty square in warm brown color is extremely beautiful with interesting elegant patterns.

The shape is elegant and can be combined with a large Marty flower box.
The material from which the square Maggie is made is extremely durable plastic, which has UV stabilization and does not burn from strong sunlight. Due to this advantage, the pot is valued for landscaping sunny balconies, roof gardens and more. Велико Търново плочки тротоарни

Online store Garden offers discounts from the regular price of Maggie pot when ordering quantities over 10 pcs.

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Sandy yellow Deco – the perfect self-watering pot for your flower garden

We present to your attention a clean smooth self-watering pot made of yellow plastic (ecru). For all who are looking for pots in „earth“ colors, we recommend this elegant round yellow flower pot.

Ordering this pot model online, you will also receive a special irrigation system. The pot is convenient for flower beds, as there is no saucer, which makes it significantly more resistant to the flower garden. Also, this pot is available in several sizes depending on the space needs of your houseplants.

This is essential if you prefer a one-color arrangement of flower pots. In this way, you will be able to arrange your smaller and larger flowers next to each other in the appropriate size yellow pot. кокалови тротоарни плочки

The yellow self-watering flowerpot – Deco is preferred for landscaping interior spaces in shades of green, for example platinum green, pastel green, grass green or rooms in light orange, white and pale yellow in combination.

This shade yellow flowerpot for flower beds is well arranged in rooms where the predominant colors: purple heather, ocher, black and white, blue – purple.
This yellow self-watering pot is not suitable for growing bonsai. In it you can grow exacum (Arabian violet), ficus benjamin, Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum), Begonia – (Begonia serratipetala), Maranta erythroneura, Maranta kerchoveana, Neoregelia Cyanea or sow the seeds of Abutilon – Stable.

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Interesting pot for ferns and houseplants Duo anthracite – cream

Duo anthracite – cream is a convenient flower pot, which is sold online from the online store „Garden“. Made of plastic, the pot is extremely light and will be delivered complete with a special container for growing flowers!
The pleasant combination of colors and design of the pot fits perfectly into any interior!

From the e-shop „Garden“ you can order online pot-type Duo with fast delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria.

Duo anthracite – cream is a large pot, which is used by professional gardeners to arrange different types of covered terraces, roof gardens, and balconies.
This plastic pot – box is suitable for growing the tree of life, ficus benjamin, cirtomium (sickle fern), cycad and others.

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Pot for hanging flowers for the railing – Brown

This is a model of an extremely practical flower pot for a railing, which has a standard shape and a pleasant brown color. The interesting plastic garden pot is ideal for growing various plants. Its advantage is undoubtedly the universal size, which is firmly attached to various types of balcony railings.

In this railing box, you can grow many types of plants that have specific needs for the soil substrate, such as succulents, which require special soil for cacti and mini roses, which should be planted in rose soil. It is highly valued when growing cascading petunias, cascading verbena, cascading geranium, cascading sagebrush, and others.

The advantage of attaching the nozzle to the balcony railing allows you to grow more plants on your terrace.

The brown box for the railing saves you money because you do not need to buy additional stands, supports, and holders for the pot.

Have you been looking for a spectacular box for the balcony for a long time? It can definitely end the search today with the purchase of the box from the online store Gradina.

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