Flowerpot suitable for office – Luigi in white with rattan knit 25/25 / H46,5

For all who are looking for an interesting office pot, we present – Luigi in white with a slightly creamy tint (champagne)! It is made of plastic with a beautiful rattan knit.

Note that the pot narrows to its base. This effect optically lengthens the vessel and contributes to its more elegant appearance and stylish vision. The color and model fit perfectly into the interior of the workplace – your office.

White pot for office – Luigi is ideal for decorating interior spaces painted in colors white pearls, ivory, pearl beige, blue sapphires, blue-gray, blue cinquefoil, platinum green, gray silver, signal gray, gray cement and others.

интересни елементи за паркинг Grow your favorite indoor or potted flowers in the office planted in Luigi color white champagne. The pot is suitable for planting azaleas, dracena, episcia, agloanema, poinsettia, anthurium, calathea, gloxinia (stone flower), nettle (coleus, solenostemon), crossandra, date palm, Washington palms and others.

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Elegant plastic office pot – black Luigi 25/25 / H46,5 cm

Are you looking for an elegant black flowerpot? Do you prefer an elegant office shape and plastic as a material for construction? Well, get acquainted with our offer – Black Luigi flowerpot!

This light and shiny flower pot have an elegant look and at the same time brings a refined style to the interior. The black Luigi is extremely light, has a smooth shiny surface, and is sold complete with a special container for growing flowers. The pot can also be used as a pot with or without a container.
Цялата публикация „Elegant plastic office pot – black Luigi 25/25 / H46,5 cm“