Plastic hanging pot for cascading flowers – Yellow Melissa ф 25 / H 15,40

Yellow Melissa is a model hanging pot made in an elegant shape. The light material – plastic, from which the pot is made, makes it extremely convenient when moving and hanging, as the weight of the pot does not have a significant impact on the total weight of the pot, the soil, and the planted plant.

The walls of Yellow Melissa are smooth with a slight elegant gloss. The widest part of the pot is located at the top, from where the pot gradually narrows to its base. At the bottom of the pot, there are holes for draining excess water after watering.

The pot comes with a hook, which is the same yellow color. This hook is attached to the hanging container with the help of special clips, which very firmly grip Melissa in three specific places.

A special advantage of the pot is that in practice it has a universal application. At your request, it can be used as a standard garden container without hanging (for this purpose, simply unclip the clips).

The pot is appreciated in the balcony landscaping, as well as in the design of the exterior design of the pergola, gazebo, etc.

Professional gardeners use it when performing landscaping projects for porches. Also, many pool party organizers prefer it for decorating outdoor spaces around water areas.

It is also widely used in landscaping the terraces of cafes, restaurants, and semi-outdoor restaurants with sheds. In Ceramic Melissa you can grow cascading petunias, blooming in different colors, pelargoniums, and more. {tab = Technical specifications}

Color: The color of this hanging pot is yellow, but it is available in seven more colors.

Pot dimensions: The size of the hole is ф25 (diameter 25 cm)

Height of the pot: H 15.40 cm

Capacity: Approximately 5 liters of soil for flowers universal or other. kind.

Total weight of the product: 0.25 kg

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