Flowerpot for hanging and cascading flowers – Blue Melissa ф 25 / H 15,40

Pot Blue Melissa is a hanging pot, which is made of plastic material in the shape of a hemisphere. The blue pot for cascading flowers Melissa has a glossy smooth surface. Gradually the pot narrows from the top to its base, the widest part being the light opening (the opening at the top of the pot).

The bottom of the pot is prepared at the factory with several holes for drainage.

Blue Melissa for cascading flowers is available in a set of strong plastic hooks in the same color. The hook is attached to the pot with firm gripping clips.

The blue Melissa hanging flower pot is appreciated by hobby gardeners as well as professionals such as landscape architects and exterior designers. This pot is the most commonly chosen garden vessel when preparing decorations for proms, summer weddings, baptisms, outdoor birthdays, and all kinds of garden parties.

Amateur gardeners often use it in landscaping terraces, gazebos, porches, and various semi-open spaces. If you have a winter garden and you are wondering how to collect more plants in the small space you have left free, you can easily move some of your plants in the hanging pot Blue Melissa and save space by hanging it over the other plants.

To use Melissa as a hanging pot and start creating your little „hanging“ garden kingdom today, choosing a chic range of colors suitable for any interior.

Color: The color of this pot for hanging and cascading flowers is blue, but it is available in seven more colors.

Pot dimensions: The size of the hole is ф25 (diameter 25 cm)

Height of the pot: H 15.40 cm

Capacity: Approximately 5 liters of soil mixture for flowers.

Total weight of the product: 0.25 kg

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