Plastic hanging flower pot – Red Melissa ф 25 / H 15,40

GardenShop.Pro presents for its clients a plastic hanging pot Melissa. It is made in an elegant shape from a durable plastic material. The walls of the hanging pot are smooth with a light luxurious gloss. Red Melissa narrows to its bottom from the top, where the opening of the pot is located.

A big advantage of Red Melissa is its lightness. Unlike heavy ceramic pots, Melissa does not need additional reinforcement of the support on which it will be hung. It is only important to consider the weight of the soil and the plant.

At the bottom of Green Melissa, there are perforated holes for draining excess water during watering.

Complete with this plastic hanging pot, you also get a hanging hook in the same red color. This hook is firmly attached to the pot with the help of special clips.

Red plastic Melissa can be used for growing lobelia, cascading petunias, fuchsia, brovalia, pelargoniums, bells, sagebrush, garden begonia, aubrieta, nettle, and more. Properly selected depending on the characteristic conditions (temperature, light, humidity, etc.) can be mixed with different species of the above plants.

Arranging with at least one flowering plant guarantees a beautiful colorful hanging basket. If you need a standard pot for growing flowers, you can safely use Melissa.

It is suitable not only as a hanging plastic pot but also as a garden pot, which can be used to decorate rooms, shelves, bookcases, cabinets, tables, shelves, and more.

Red Melissa is often chosen by hobby gardeners when landscaping gazebos and porches. Professional gardeners recommend it and use it in the garden design of cafes and restaurants with outdoor gardens and terraces.

Melissa’s advantage is its red color, which contrasts interestingly with all evergreen plants. This makes it attractive and spectacular. {tab = Technical specifications}

Color: Red color

Pot dimensions: The size of the hole is ф25 (diameter 25 cm)

Height of the pot: H 15.40 cm

Capacity: Approximately 5 liters of soil mixture for flowers.

Total weight of the product: 0.25 kg

Благодарим на Севън сийдс ООД за всичко и за елегантните качествени пластмасови ограничители за трева.

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