Stylish plastic flower pot brown – Luigi square Rae 25/25 / H26 cm

Especially for all lovers of interior plants and elegant pots, the online store „Garden“ now offers in its range of plastic brown pot Luigi square Rae. The pot is extremely light, despite its large size.

This model is a type of pot with a special container for growing flowers. The pot can be used with or without the container. When using it, you will not have to worry that it will leak and wet the furniture or parquet.

To ensure better drainage, inside the pot you need to put a drainage layer about 5-10 cm. Use sand, felt, small stones, perlite, expanded clay or crushed bricks.

This model of brown pot can be used except for planting all kinds of plants.

This attractive pot is great for landscaping roofs that have small corners with greenery or the goals are a large covered garden.

It is also widely used in the landscaping of cafes and restaurants, gas stations, offices. This model is appreciated by professional gardeners and they often choose it for landscaping hotel terraces and restaurants on the beach.

Choose for planting in the pot cascading flowers with bright flowers or plants that bloom with small flowers or evergreen indoor plants – ficus, palms, dracena and others.

Color: Brown

Dimensions of the hole: 25/25 cm

Amphora height: h = 26 cm

Capacity: about 16 liters of soil substrate.

Pot weight: 0.750 kg

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