Seeds of soft white Cobea – Cobea scandens White

From the garden center – „Garden Shop pro“ you can make an online order of luxury seeds of white Cobea (Cobea scandens White).

This interesting climbing plant is ideal for growing in a pot on the balcony, which, however, must be equipped with a garden support (plastic ladder for pots), on which the Cobea can hold.

It is best to sow the seeds of white Cobea in March, initially in a pot, which should be covered with glass. When there is no danger of young plants being scalded by late frosts, you can plant them outdoors if you prefer to grow them in the garden.

The white Cobea is an annual flower that belongs to the climbing plants. You can enjoy the white cup-shaped large flowers throughout the flowering period from July to October.

When sowing the seeds of this ornamental vine, be sure to choose a well-protected place from air currents, because the beautiful climbing plant prefers sunny, sheltered from the wind.

Color Exotic white bell-shaped colors.
Height 300 cm, but if you have the opportunity to provide the best possible conditions for the development of the plant and the necessary supports such as fences, stairs, bars, etc. you can also enjoy reaching a height of 500 cm.
Flowering period From July to October.

Light requirement Sunny places protected from strong air currents.
Soil Fertile soil with medium mechanical composition
Winter hardiness It is not winter hardy for the climate in Bulgaria.
Longevity Annual creeping flower (flowering liana).

Location of the plant It is best to grow white Cobea indoors – in flower boxes located on balconies and terraces, which are facing south and have a testament.
Sowing time Spring.
Depth of sowing At a depth of 1.00 cm to 2.00 cm.
Distance from each other The distance between the plants should be about 60 cm.
Germination time The white Cobea has seeds that germinate in about 3 weeks.
Watering Water regularly and moderately.
Fertilizing Fertilize regularly during the flowering period. During the rest of the time, provide the necessary nutrients with the mineral fertilizers once a month.

Due to its valuable decorative effect in landscaping gazebos and pergolas in indoor conservatories, white Cobea seeds are valued by professional gardeners.

They also use them very often to create decorative walls of plants, most often in the lobbies of hotels and luxury restaurants. This flowering climbing plant looks beautiful and wrapped on the railing of the balcony.

It is often chosen by wedding agencies for decorating arches, under which newlyweds in love enter into a marriage. If you are looking for variety and like climbing plants, then the white Cobea is a suitable choice for your balcony, terrace or veranda.

From our online seed store, you can order a packet of white Cobea seeds from the luxury series of a reputable manufacturer, which has 80% germination.

Package size – 15/10 cm

Net weight – 1.00 g.

Seeds in one gram – 12 pcs.

Product weight – 0.005 kg (5.00 g)

Note: On the back of each package of flower seeds there is shelf life of the seeds and a percentage of their germination.

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