Stylish plastic box at a great price with an irrigation system in a nice color Ecru

From some garden store you can buy at a low price an elegant plastic flower pot with an irrigation system. The set contains the box and a special irrigation system with drainage capsules. In this way, your plants self-irrigate with the optimal amount of water in a capillary way for a long time. The flowers are watered through a special hole in the box.

These garden pots can be used on terraces and balconies, and you can also use them for interior design.

The boxes with the irrigation system are an ideal choice for planting herbs and spices in pots.

In the boxes with irrigation systems, you can grow azaleas, tree of life, petunias, bromeliads, lavender, begonias, geraniums, adenium (desert rose), neoregelia, passionflower, episcia, coins, dieffenbachia, calendula, and others. In the set of boxes with an irrigation system, you can also grow spices – thyme, mint, rosemary, savory, dill, parsley, mint, and more.

Even if you use high-quality flower soil, this container is not suitable for growing Salvinia, water lily, Hesperus (water palm), lobelia, water iris, pistachio, lychnis, water hyacinth, clown flower (Mimulus), Calla palustris, ala, hippuric, Lysimachia and other aquatic plants.

Color: Ecru (white with a slight yellow tinge).

Dimensions of the pot: 39.5 / 8.4 / H17

Capacity: 6.7 liters of soil substrate.

Total weight of the product: 0.32 kg

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