Luxury flower pot with irrigation system at a unique price in Shade color

GardenBG com gives you the opportunity to buy an extremely luxurious flower box with an irrigation system for landscaping offices and terraces. The set we have selected especially for you contains a box and a special irrigation system with drainage capsules. The system allows your flowers to self-water in a capillary way with the right amount of water they need.

The boxes with the irrigation system can be used for interior and exterior landscaping. In addition to being cheap, they are extremely light and suitable for planting ornamental flowering plants, mini roses, herbs, and aromatic spices.

The pots are in a pleasant universal gray color and have a universal application. They are ideal pots with an irrigation system for petunias, haworthia, hebe thick-leaved and cypress, phytonia, begonia, bridal creeping asparagus, ginura, dizygote, eonium and others.

If you are going to plant mini roses or other types of roses, then be sure to use a special soil for roses, which you can order from the online store Garden.

It is not recommended to grow orchids in this type of garden pots, even when using soil for orchids. For these capricious plants, we offer suitable transparent pots.

Color: Gray (Shade)

Dimensions of the pot: 39.5 / 8.4 / H17

Capacity: 6.7 liters of soil mixture.

Weight of the pot: 0.32 kg

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