3 pcs. self-watering plastic boxes at an incredible price in Anthracite color

All amateur gardeners can buy a set of three self-watering flower boxes at a low price from the online store Garden.

These garden pots are great for planting potted flowers, decorative flowering, climbing, hanging, and cascading plants. The boxes can be placed both outsides on the outdoor balcony and in one of your rooms.

The main advantage of this model is undoubtedly the irrigation system. Through it, your plants will water themselves in a capillary way with the optimal amount of water, and you will just have to add water to the special tank.

Another very important advantage is the lightness of the pot. Compared to a ceramic box of the same size, this flower pot is also at a lower price.

The universal self-watering pot is suitable for growing indoor jasmine, pahistahis, oxalis regnelli, spathiphyllum, phytonia, solenosteum (coleus, nettle), heliotrope, oxalis depay (four-leaf clover), syngonium and other geraniums. From the online store Garden you can also buy universal flower soil, which you use to plant your favorite plants in the three pots.

The pot is not suitable for growing aquatic plants, orchids, and small trees – bonsai.

Color: Black (Anthracide)

Dimensions of the pot: 39.5 / 8.4 / H17

Capacity: 6.70 liters of soil for indoor and garden flowers.

Total weight of the three products: 1,100 kg

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