5 pcs. flower boxes with irrigation system in white at an affordable price L24 / H10

Especially for amateur gardeners, we from the Garden store have selected a set of five flower pots made of plastic in stylish white with an irrigation system. If you want to buy pots at a good price, then the five self-watering pots are the perfect choice for you.

The boxes are ideal for growing small potted plants, but they are also suitable for larger plants. The pots are extremely light, which makes them easily portable, they also have a very interesting shape – an elegant box. Ideal pots for the balcony, terrace, yard and window sill.

This set of five self-watering boxes in white color will come out at a much lower price than the same model of pots, but made of ceramic.

To these five boxes for flowers at a low price, you also get 5 irrigation systems for each of them.

These self-watering boxes have a universal application. In them, you can grow petunias, afelandra, calendula, nertera, fern, alamanda, anthurium, nolina, pahira and other ornamental and flowering species.

This model of pots is an excellent choice for planting seedlings or sowing seeds of herbs and spices on the balcony, but are also ideal for making a garden for aromatherapy on the terrace.

From our online store BG, you can also buy universal soil for planting your fragrant plants.

Color: White

Pot dimensions: L24 / H10

Capacity: 2 liters of peat mixture.

Total weight of the product: 1,700 kg

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