Summer work pants 100% cotton at a great price

GardenBG com expands its catalog of quality work clothes, presenting you a great cotton summer work pants. The work clothes are from a Bulgarian manufacturer and are sewn from 100% cotton fabric. Suitable for garden work, construction, workshop, and cleaning.

This summer work trousers can be used by professional gardeners, gardeners, farmers, stockbreeders, carpenters, electricians, builders, cleaners, warehouse workers, hygienists, technicians, nuclear power plants, industrial plants, etc. types of craftsmen. Cotton makes wearing the pants extremely comfortable and light. The fabric is soft to the touch and does not irritate the skin when working in different positions.

The trousers have buttons on the front of the shop. There are two deep pockets on the front and two more deep on the legs. This makes the model extremely suitable for professions in which it is often necessary to carry various small and large tools in the pockets.

It is recommended to order for this type of workwear with one number larger than necessary, due to the property of cotton to shrink slightly after the first wash.

The work trousers made of cotton are suitable for the spring-summer season.
GardenBG com store offers prints and embroidery with company logo and inscriptions for all models and sizes of work pants.
Currently not available!

Color: This model of cotton work pants is available in blue, but can also be ordered in green.
Fabric: 100% cotton.
Product weight: 420 g.
Model size from the photo: 52
Leg length: 73 cm.
Attention! Suitable for people with a waist circumference (at the level at which you fasten the pants): about 100 cm.
This model of workwear is also available in the following sizes:
46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60
** All sizes have a leg length of 73 cm.
How do we order the right size workwear?
1. Use the table to see which size is best for you.
2. Measure the circumference of your waist in a relaxed state at the level at which you fasten the pants.
3. Measure the length of the trouser leg of your trousers (the measurement is made from the crotch to the end of the trouser leg).
Work trousers size – cm Suitable for people with a waist circumference (at the level of fastening the trousers) – cm Leg length – cm
46 (S) About 88 73
48 (S) About 92 73
50 (M) About 96 73
52 (M) About 100 73
54 (L) About 104 73
56 (L) About 108 73
58 (XL) About 112 73
60 (XL) About 116 73
62 (XXL)

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