Work trousers for welders 100% cotton with high fire protection offers you specially designed work pants for welders and foundries, which protects your skin from very strong temperatures or hot objects. The appropriate fabric from which the item is made contains 100% cotton, which is treated with a special technology against flammability.

The fabric is officially treated with antistatic cotton fabric. Its density is also not to be underestimated – 360 g / m2. The trousers are marked with a sewn-on circuit board, what are its unique characteristics.

The model follows the classic line with which we are used to connecting work trousers at a good price, namely straight and free cut. The model has an elastic at the waist to stay even more stable and not allow heat to pass close to the skin. The pockets of the welder’s trousers are four in number, two standard and one on each side of the legs.

They do not shine with a special volume, but not necessary, because the work pants are designed for a more specific purpose. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them. On the contrary, there is room for the most important things without overcrowding.

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Summer work pants 100% cotton at a great price

GardenBG com expands its catalog of quality work clothes, presenting you a great cotton summer work pants. The work clothes are from a Bulgarian manufacturer and are sewn from 100% cotton fabric. Suitable for garden work, construction, workshop, and cleaning.

This summer work trousers can be used by professional gardeners, gardeners, farmers, stockbreeders, carpenters, electricians, builders, cleaners, warehouse workers, hygienists, technicians, nuclear power plants, industrial plants, etc. types of craftsmen. Cotton makes wearing the pants extremely comfortable and light. The fabric is soft to the touch and does not irritate the skin when working in different positions.

The trousers have buttons on the front of the shop. There are two deep pockets on the front and two more deep on the legs. This makes the model extremely suitable for professions in which it is often necessary to carry various small and large tools in the pockets.

It is recommended to order for this type of workwear with one number larger than necessary, due to the property of cotton to shrink slightly after the first wash.

The work trousers made of cotton are suitable for the spring-summer season.
GardenBG com store offers prints and embroidery with company logo and inscriptions for all models and sizes of work pants.
Currently not available!

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