Red pot for mini roses – Red Gigi ф25 / H47.60

The online store offers its customers a smooth and red pot for mini roses – the Red Gigi! The plastic light pot is suitable for growing mini roses at home, the villa office. This elegantly shaped pot has a special container in which to grow your plants.

The advantage of Gigi is that you can remove the container and use the pot to grow plants that need a deeper container – different types of palms, roses and more.

Apart from its attractive design, it is also very easy to maintain. Amateur florists who live in areas with very calcareous water will surely appreciate this advantage of the red rose pot. Unlike clay and ceramic pots, where the limestone seems to „seep“, the surface of this plastic pot is easier to clean with a suitable brush. гарденски елементи паркинг

After cleaning the visible deposits, rinse with water and just dry. Your pot will be like new!

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The non-standard pot for strawberries with irrigation system – Gina turquoise color (thirst)

Online store „Garden“ presents the new addition in its catalog – a pot for strawberries Gina in the color Turquoise (thirst). The pot in soft blue is sold together with an irrigation system.

It is made of quality plastic, extremely light, with a smooth surface.
Because strawberries make massive rhizomes and the pot is not wide and spacious enough to provide suitable conditions for the growth of more than one strawberry, it is good to grow one root in a pot.

Gina turquoise strawberry pot with irrigation system can be used to decorate balconies and summer terraces of cafes. It is suitable for arranging roof terraces and places where the owners do not have a yard or do not have free space for growing strawberries. вики тротоарни плочки

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Stylish plastic pot with irrigation system in elegant white and black

Online store „Garden“ now has a stylish plastic pot with an irrigation system in elegant white color.

The pot is made of high-quality plastic in a round shape of the opening and an elegant shape. It has a very stylish gloss, which gives it a luxurious look.
The main advantage of the model is undoubtedly the irrigation system.

Through it, your flowers will water themselves in a capillary way with the optimal amount of water.

The stylish pure white color makes it easy to decorate in your office, hotel, cafe, or restaurant, regardless of the color of the furniture.

In this model of pots with an irrigation system, you can grow exterior and interior plants. For those of you who want to order more pots, the online garden store „Garden“ offers discounts on the price of the site.

To receive more information about the offered discounts and wholesale prices, please contact our associate at the listed phones or at our e-mail address, which you can find in the „Contacts“ menu.

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Large brown pot for flowers and spices with irrigation system in sandy brown color

Garden bg com presents a cute big pot for growing indoor and balcony flowers. It is a medium-sized pot made of durable plastic with a smooth surface and a slightly elegant narrowing from top to bottom. The pot has an irrigation system with which you can easily irrigate different types of plants with an optimal amount of moisture.

Decorating your home has never been easier than it is now with the new sand-brown pot. It is the perfect gift for you and your family. The pot with an irrigation system arrives at you regardless of where in Bulgaria you are – Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Primorsko, Petrich, and others.

The wholesale order of this universal pot model gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts offered on the price given on the site. To get more information about the discounts available for wholesale plastic pots, contact us on the contact numbers or our email address, which you can find in the „Contacts“ menu.

The pot is ideal for growing some types of climbing plants that could easily decorate your terrace or balcony. In it, you can sow the seeds of exotic Passionflower, white or purple Kobe, different types of cascading flowers – cascading puppy, petunias, tagetes, coins. The model is suitable for making beautiful colored balls of flowering plants to decorate your office, cafe, hotel, or restaurant.

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