Stylish plastic box for design of office and hotel with irrigation system color Anthracite

Are you looking for a stylish plastic pot at a good price? Great! We from the online store for the garden „Garden Shop“ offer in our rich catalog of plastic boxes with irrigation systems and the model in black (Anthracite).

This model pot is made of special durable plastic with elegant shapes. It has an irrigation system with drainage capsules, with the help of which your favorite plants are optimally irrigated without having to monitor them daily.
The plastic box with an irrigation system is suitable for decorating the balcony.

You can hang it on the railing with the help of different types of metal box stands or see our suggestions for railing boxes.

This pot is also ideal for larger plants or seedlings. Extremely much appreciated and preferred by lovers of mini roses grown in pots on the balcony, for landscaping hotels, restaurants, and offices.

It is perfect for planting all kinds of small hybrid roses. If you are a connoisseur of sakuzcheta and petunias, then you can safely use the box with the irrigation system to plant these beautiful flowers. {tab = Technical specifications}
Color: Black (anthracide).
Flower box size: 39.5 / 8.4 / H17
Capacity: about 6.7 liters of soil substrate for flowers.

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