The non-standard pot for strawberries with irrigation system – Gina turquoise color (thirst)

Online store „Garden“ presents the new addition in its catalog – a pot for strawberries Gina in the color Turquoise (thirst). The pot in soft blue is sold together with an irrigation system.

It is made of quality plastic, extremely light, with a smooth surface.
Because strawberries make massive rhizomes and the pot is not wide and spacious enough to provide suitable conditions for the growth of more than one strawberry, it is good to grow one root in a pot.

Gina turquoise strawberry pot with irrigation system can be used to decorate balconies and summer terraces of cafes. It is suitable for arranging roof terraces and places where the owners do not have a yard or do not have free space for growing strawberries. вики тротоарни плочки

This container is suitable for creating seedlings from strawberry seeds. Use the turquoise pot Gina and for transplanting ready-made roots of potted strawberries. As the flowers of Fragaria Vesca (from Latin strawberry) are snow-white, your arrangement will look wonderful, especially when your strawberries are in bloom.

Color: Turquoise (Light blue, thirst)
Hole size: ф 14 cm
Height of the pot: H12.5 cm
Capacity: Approximately 1.5 liters of flower soil.
Total weight of the product: 0.370 kg

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