What is the most suitable food for ornamental fish 77

This is the most frequently asked question by lovers of these wonderful creatures. семена на розови домати

Everyone hopes to have a universal food with which our pets can grow well and be healthy and vibrant, to delight us with their beautiful colors and smooth movements in the water areas in the garden.

It would be great to have such food, but unfortunately not. What you feed your ornamental fish depends on in the first place what kind of fish you choose.

Each species has its own preferences, its own needs. Therefore, it is not possible to give a universal recipe for food and in this material we will try to give you one that is quite suitable for goldfish. We chose to talk about their food because they are one of the most popular and one of the most beautiful fish.

The recipe that we will present to you contains the optimal amounts. Beautiful goldfish (Gold fish) contains proteins, minerals and vegetables that your goldfish need to grow well and become more beautiful. The products you need are quite easy to find and are not financially burdensome.

You will need about 400-450 grams of shrimp, but do not play with cleaning them, because the scales contain a lot of nutrients that are useful for your pets.

After the shrimps, you should get about 400-450 grams of peas, which can be frozen, about 280-300 grams of broccoli, which, like peas, can be frozen.

You should get some gelatin, the dose is about 2 teaspoons. Last but not least, you should visit the pharmacy and buy some liquid multivitamins, and it is good to put about 5 milliliters. Once you have obtained all these products for our recipe, we can proceed to its preparation.

We start by choosing a suitable bowl, if possible with a larger volume, in this bowl pour the broccoli, peas and shrimp and grind them very finely, with the help of a blender it becomes easiest, but maybe with a stronger mixer. Stirring or straining, respectively, until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, then add gelatin and Fish for decorative water surface vitamins and stir again until you get an even stirring of the mixture. A mixture similar in density to the paste is obtained.

Once you are done with the mixture, pour it into a suitable flat container, the thickness of the layer should be about 1 – 3 centimeters.

You should leave the dish in the freezer for about 3-5 hours. Then it is ready for consumption, you can divide it into small pieces to make it more convenient for you. It is good to keep some of the mixture that you do not use in the freezer.

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