How to store herbs 76

After the collection and processing of herbs comes the next phase, which is their storage. семена на зеленчуци

This is one of the most important phases in herbal medicine. They should be stored in such a way that they do not lose their healing properties and retain their appearance.

Their storage should be in a dry, shady, ventilated, cool and most of all clean room. All external adverse factors such as moisture, direct sunlight, lack of ventilation should be removed because they lead to deterioration of herbs.

Herbs that have a strong aroma or poisonous effect are separated for storage in separate rooms away from other herbs or other types of vegetable seeds.

White pine seeds The storage of the collected materials depends on them.

Each herb has a different shelf life, as with each organ. Each organ has a different longevity.

For example, leaves and flowers have a shorter shelf life than bark, roots and rhizomes.

When herbs in storage are in large quantities should be under constant supervision and appropriate care.

The premises must also meet the requirements.

If you are an amateur herbalist, it is very important not to dry herbs in the rooms you live in often or in the bedrooms, because some herbs release highly concentrated phytoncides (these are volatile substances), which can lead to dizziness, headaches and other types of discomfort. man.

It has been proven by US scientists that certain plants by releasing phytoncides can kill a rat.

When storing more of the material, large plywood boxes lined on the inside with paper are used for the flowers and leaves, and paper or hemp bags are used for the roots, rhizomes and bark, and they can also be formed into bales.

In addition to monitoring environmental factors, insect infestation, their larvae and rodents, which also cause great damage to the collected materials, must be taken into account during storage.

Due to the aromas that are released, quite often drying herbs attract bees and other stinging insects. Chopped herb

To protect the room from the appearance of such invaders, it is annually washed with lime solution and then washed with suitable detergents.

Herbs also have a shelf life that is different for each herb, so they should be monitored regularly and when mold breakage and other signs stop, the herbs should be destroyed.

Great care must be taken not to use spoiled herbs, as this can have bad consequences. It is no coincidence that herbal medicine is protected by licenses and quite strict laws in mass production.

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