Geometric figure of plant origin 71

This is one of the types of compositions made of plant materials, made of different in shape, color, types of flowers or low ornamental shrubs, as well as their aesthetic and functional combination, in order to long-lasting aesthetic effect in the garden полиетилен израелски за оранжерии

The geometric shape is simple and complex. A simple geometric figure means a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, etc. Complex geometric shapes are complex polygons, star-shaped, ellipses, combinations of different shapes.

The geometric figure can be composed of one or more types of vegetation, with the same or different heights. The effect can be enhanced with garden lamps that flood the figure in different lights at night.

In the construction of larger plant flower figures, in order to save money on plant material, sowing of varietal flower seeds and various types of herbs and spices is used.

The topiary method is also often used.

There is a huge variety of plant species that can be used to build geometric compositions. Landscaping professionals in the United States, Japan and Russia make great use of this technique in the creation of parks, gardens and decorations of public buildings.

Geometric boxwood figure (photo Lux Garden Ltd.) The types suitable for geometric figures must have a long-lasting aesthetic impact, compact or highly branched, in order to preserve the contours of the figure and the design of the overall composition.

The most commonly used species for geometric figures are annuals in nature and in use with a long-lasting decorative and aesthetic effect, both flowering and many-leaf decorative species are used. Annual species are used in the period from May to October. Perennial flowers can also be used from October to May. The geometric figure is one of the most commonly used color compositions in public centers, central parks and gardens.

Mosaic (keel figure). This type of composition usually has a simple geometric shape – a circle or rectangle. Inside, this form takes on a complex motif and pattern. This complex shape is achieved through carefully selected and combined plant species with different cultivars and shapes.

Geometric figure of boxwood (photo Lux Garden Ltd.) For good perception of the compositional pattern the plants should have a low and uniform height, usually from 8 to 15 cm, to achieve a very good smooth and even surface, with a good and accurate outline. of the different shapes and lines in the composition. For the construction of the carpet figures are used species with long-lasting decorative effect, for long-lasting aesthetic effect of the composition.

Flowering and leaf-decorative species are used, with a compact shape, small height, with small flowers and leaves. These species must withstand pruning to maintain the level surface of the composition. For the construction of mosaics are most often used species of annual nature or use. The decorative effect is maintained in the period from May to October, after which they are replaced by biennial spring flowering species in the period from October to May.

It is of great importance for this type of plant use to be maintained constantly. In the United States and Japan, they spend quite large sums (12-50 million a year) on pruning various types of topiaries in their public parks, as well as on mowing and fertilizing green areas. It is also important to protect these geometric shapes from various types of diseases and pests, and as it happens in Bulgaria, they must be protected by humans.

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