Spring and autumn work jacket made of pure cotton

Shop gardenshop.pro online for семена на домати червени work clothes presents you an interesting offer – spring and autumn work jacket at a great price of 100% cotton. The jacket we offer you here is characterized by a reflective edging, which would be useful if you work on projects related to infrastructure or your activity requires work in low visibility conditions. The reflective edging is useful and adds more security during extreme conditions.

The color of this jacket for work for spring and autumn is in the blue range, darker and an idea brighter blue. The fastening is combined – with zipper and velcro. The straight silhouette of the cut will give you the comfort you need when you have to wear it.

From a practical point of view, spring workwear has four pockets with a standard volume. You can take only the most necessary things with you. For most work activities, this is quite sufficient, as it eliminates the danger of overloading yourself with tools that you may not use. In case you need a jacket with voluminous pockets, you can view our offers.

The work jacket for spring and autumn is made of 100% high quality cotton and 240 g / m2 density. The fabric is known to protect the skin, leaving it to breathe, which makes working spring and autumn clothing suitable for people with more sensitive skin. Cotton also has the ability to maintain the required body temperature, which means that the jacket can be used without problems at variable temperatures.

If you want to complement a work jacket for autumn and spring with suitable trousers, the most suitable option is to choose one from the same product range, which, in addition to work trousers made of cotton, also contains overalls and a vest. Depending on the specific purpose you need, choosing an item from the workwear series is the perfect solution for a jacket set. The series is manufactured by a renowned manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of this type of clothing, whose fame as a quality manufacturer is not accidental.

For this model of autumn and spring work jacket, the online store Gardenshop.pro also offers you an option to highlight it with the help of embroidery or a stamp of a representative company logo, with which you are known to your customers.

Weaving a logo into the model is an ideal way to advertise your business, a way to promote the company name and attract potential customers.
The spring and autumn jacket can be delivered all over the country. It is often valued by various types of installers, general workers, painters, craftsmen, carpenters, farmers. It is often ordered from vegetable producers in Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, Gabrovo, Kardzhali, Chepelare, Koprivshtitsa and others.
Last but not least is the advantage of the model – a reasonable price. This is a detail that is always important. Ask our consultants about the discount on the price when buying workwear wholesale.

Color: The work jacket for spring and autumn is available in blue.
Fabric: One hundred percent cotton 240 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 1100 g.

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