Peony (Paeonia lactiflora- hybrids) cultivation and features of landscaping with peonies 23

These are a very beautiful group of peonies, which are known and widely used for landscaping private gardens and yards with its Latin name Paeonia lactiflora – hybrids (sample photos are given from the collection of lobia). бордюри градински качествени

In general, this group are perennial herbaceous plants that are winter hardy for our country. They are grown by many gardeners – amateurs and professionals in landscaping, because they are flowers with large and beautiful flowers.

They are used for both flower gardens and cut flowers. It is characteristic for them that their leaves are long and wide on average about 12-20 cm.

The flowers of these plants are about 8-12 cm in diameter and the height of the whole plant is about 70-100 cm.

Peony is a plant with flowering from May to early June, flowering lasts about 15-20 days. They grow quite well and bloom in direct sunlight.

They prefer soils with medium mechanical content. Peony Peonia lactiflora or sandy-clayey, but necessarily fertile, should be deeply tilled, but care should be taken with fertilization, because excessive fertilization and fertilization is quite bad.

The best soil reaction for these plants is around Ph 6 – 6.5.

If there is a higher acidity, the plants may die.

The moisture that must be provided for the normal development of these plants is moderate, they should not be overwetted, because the roots rot easily, the same happens if there is shallow groundwater.

If the spring is dry, it is necessary to water so that the stems can grow normally, and in summer, be sure to water to keep the leaves fresh and to develop normal regenerative buds, from which new stems will develop next year.

Peony Peonia Propagation of these plants is done by dividing the rhizome, but this happens only in plants that are over 3-5 years old and is carried out in late August or early September.

It is preferable for each part to carry at least 3-4 regenerative buds in order to have security in the interception.

Avoid dividing very old plants and plants with many regenerative buds, because the root system as a whole is quite deep and with the division is severely damaged and can not feed the divided aboveground parts.

An interesting feature of these plants is that the rhizome grows upwards and for this it is good to periodically pour a thin layer of soil around the base of the plant to cover the rhizome.

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