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Incredibly saturated and beautiful red color of the rose (Rosa sp.) – the favorite garden flower of every woman. She embodies the image of a woman – tender, beautiful, pretentious, but if you are not careful with her she can surround you.

It is suitable for any holiday as a symbol of friendship and love. If you want to have it in your garden, you must have patience and knowledge about growing it.

The rose is one of the most suitable plants for landscaping and yard and garden design. It is often used by professional gardeners and by many landscape architects in their projects. It can be found in any major garden store or in many online garden centers. Recently, even specialized fertilizers for roses have been offered, which are quite effective and keep the plant in bloom for a very serious period. семена на домати

Here are some rules you need to know about growing roses:

Planting is suitable to do in early spring to have beautiful blooming roses in summer.

When planting roses, it is very important that the planting site has the required depth according to the size of the root system of the planting species. Different types can be arranged with different garden furniture.

It is also important after planting that the soil around the rose is well compacted in order to secure the root system to the soil.

Plantations of red and pink roses An obligatory condition after each planting of plants is abundant watering.

The soil must be deeply tilled, fertile, medium in mechanical composition. Heavy and very light, highly permeable soils are unfavorable. It is best to fertilize the soil with burnt manure.

The optimal reaction of the soil solution in most cultivars is from slightly acidic to neutral 6.5 – 7 pH. During the growing season roses need regular and abundant watering, but you must be careful not to flood them. It is good to fertilize roses 2-3 times during the growing season (from spring to autumn).

Spring is good NPK fertilization (combined fertilizer), one fertilization with ammonium nitrate and another fertilization with NPK. They are performed consecutively every month.

Fertilizing enhances the growth and development of the plant and provides them with the necessary nutrients, which is a necessary condition to enjoy beautiful, strewn with many colors roses.

Red roses Also for abundant longer-lasting flowering it is important to prune the already overblown flowers, which is done to a healthy bud.

At the end of August, watering should be reduced and the plants should be prepared for winter.

This is done by embracing, which is cutting the roses to about 30 cm. above the soil surface and backfilling them with soil substrate or pine bark.

Follow our recommendations to have a beautiful rose garden and enjoy a complete vacation amidst a favorable fragrance and beauty.

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